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So, where to start working on the descriptive essay? First of all, as with writing any work, you need to think about the purpose, theme and the main idea of ​​the future text. How to do it, you can read here.

There is a task: to write an descriptive essay. So, you need to describe something. You can describe anything: an object, nature, a person, an animal, a phenomenon, a process, a state, etc. To describe is to answer the question: What? Which subject? What kind of nature? What kind of person? And so on.

Use of the verbs in descriptive essay

Thus, to describe is to enumerate the attributes of an object, nature, person, animal, phenomenon or process, i.e. give a characteristic. Therefore, in essays like a description, there must be many words denoting quality. Surprisingly, in the description texts there can be absolutely no verbs or very few of them. Thus is the difference between descriptions and narrative texts! Why? There is no movement in the descriptions. There is no development of action, no events. The lyrics description and narration differ, like photography and video.

Description is a verbal picture, it gives an idea of ​​the subject, person, phenomenon, etc. The description is created so that the reader “sees” and feels the same as the author saw. If the verbs in the descriptions are used, then only in one form. For example, only in the past tense, or only in the present, or only in the future tense.

Difference of styles of descriptive essay depending on purpose

What are the descriptions? Depending on the purpose of the text, for whom and for what the text is intended, the description can be written in different styles. (Read about the styles of speech in other articles of our blog.) The description can be in the scientific, and official-business style, as well as the description can be found in the journalistic texts.

Scientific descriptions are usually technical characteristics of an object, process or phenomenon. In texts of this type, special terms and specific information must be present. In the scientific, and in the official-business styles of descriptions, the use of expressive means of language is inappropriate, as in artistic texts. By themselves, separately, the texts-descriptions almost never occur. Usually descriptions are used in narrative essays or in reasoning essays of different styles so that the reader or listener can well imagine the hero, the place of action, the phenomenon, the process, etc.

Note that any description always has some purpose. For example, you need to describe a person. Ask the question: for what purpose? If you are doing that in order to tell what kind he is, you will describe his appearance. How to write a descriptive essay of appearance, read in other articles. If the goal is different – to write that he is a very good friend, then you will describe not only the looks, but also his character.

Plan of writing a descriptive essay

First, we should give:

  • general characteristic, a general impression about the subject, person, phenomenon, etc.
  • Separate signs and details.
  • The relation of the author of the text to the described issue.

That’s all for today. Do you still have questions? Ask, do not be shy! In the next articles I plan to tell you how to write a descriptive essay of a literary hero. Maybe you can tell us the topic you are interested in?