Essay for admission to the MBA program

Tim Sullivan | MBA program


“Business is business – doing business.” Do you agree with this phrase? (maximum 500 words)

Example of a successful answer

I agree that business is created to do business. However, I do not share the position of those who reduce the goals of business solely to material well-being and profit. Working as a sales manager, I often balance between responsibilities to the employer and responsibility to my clients.

The trader’s duty is to find customers for a particular investment, to achieve a deal and thereby earn money for himself and the firm. At daily morning meetings, traders share with each other not only market news, but also ideas about sales of specific bonds and asset classes. Throughout my career, I have repeatedly observed how my colleagues were clouded by the opportunity to get easy and fast money. They gave clients dubious investment advice, which they simply could not verify.

At first I was one of the “lovers of easy and fast money.” I did not understand the pitfalls of trading in securities and did not quite realize what risk buyers are taking. How to build stable long-term relationships with customers and at the same time not to jeopardize the sales plan? Why do you sell what you do not believe in? Always you can choose the option for the client, which will really be useful to him. And although I took this words with hostility, as a reproach to my professionalism, I still thought about my shortcomings. I began to sharpen my knowledge about fixed income and mathematics of bonds. A lot of time I devoted to the ability to select trade offers, study alternatives and even to come up with commercial ideas for the client. Now, before making a deal, I checked the reliability of the client, his inclination to take risks.

Integrity of personality and maturity is also important for a good leader, both analytical and computing skills. Companies should rely on these people, if they want to achieve permanent long-term profitability and a good social effect.

In MBA School, I would like to build for myself something like an ethical compass to navigate and effectively deal with complex ethical issues, whether it be relationships with investors and clients or with groups of people and society as a whole.