Essay for admission to the MBA program

Tim Sullivan | Admission to the MBA


Explain how getting an MBA degree will help you achieve personal and / or professional goals. Why did you decide to get this degree right now?

Example of a successful answer

I found a job in the young IT company. Its management and employees seemed to me easy on the rise, their business grew like a leap. The owners planned to place the first shares on the stock exchange, and they promised to conclude an option with me. Conditions for work better than you can imagine.

In February 1999, the shares were placed. The market capitalization of the company has grown overnight. And I quit. “How? Why? “My colleagues and friends were amazed. “You will have to sell your shares at the current price?” The reason was simple: I lost all faith in the business model of my company and wanted for a change. A year later, the parent company Trilogy acquired all shares of this company at the peak of their popularity.

This is a typical story for start-ups without a viable business plan: firstly, everything is even better than you could found, employees are full of hope, and then all hopes collapse.

Although I enjoyed working in this company and learned a lot, something in me rebelled against a career in IT. Living on the proceeds from the sale of shares of money, I began to think about which way to move on. I traveled the country, talked with friends and acquaintances, learned about their career, asked for advice. So I realized that in fact I’m interested in working in IT, but in a different role.

I do not want to perform a purely technical role anymore. Management of IT business – that’s what really attracts me. I want to define a strategy, conduct business analysis, interact with customers. I have a business sense, I can start and maintain contacts with people, find solutions in any situation. But these skills must be constantly improved, for which I need the MBA program. My technical knowledge combined with good managerial skills will allow me to build a successful career.